What Is The Right Material For Your Window Frame?

When building a home, the windows are part of the many decisions you have to make especially when it comes to materials. Windows play a huge role in your home and if you are thinking about energy efficiency, then the material of the frames is something that you need to critically look at before you make the final decision. Apart from efficiency, beauty and durability are some of the other factors you need to remember when selecting the perfect material for your windows.

There are so many materials available today and they all come with their pros and cons you must consider before you settle for anyone. Wooden frames are popular mostly because people know they are less prone to heat transfer, especially when compared to aluminum frames, but they on the other hand are prone to moisture compared to the same aluminum. There is therefore no doubt that you would need to be very careful with the material you select by comparing the various options available to you and not forgetting your budget.


It is a less expensive material compared to wood, but when installed and constructed properly, it make a very practical window material for your home. You can use insulated glass to add to the energy efficiency of the material around your home and ensure that a tight construction is achieved so that air leakage is reduced. You however must remember that you might be limited to color choices when you go for vinyl and you might not like how the overall look it gives to your home.


A much better choice when it comes to insulating your home because it manages to keep warm air in and cold air out. The insulation value of wood cannot be ignored, but it comes with more maintenance requirements compared to other materials such as aluminum and vinyl. It might not be a very good choice for rainy and extremely humid areas because it is prone to Sash Window Repairs Kent retaining moisture and rotting but with proper treatment this is something that can still be kept under control. Wooden windows tend to give your home that traditional classic and timeless look, something that many homeowners love about the material.


It might not be top performing when it comes to heat loss and transfer, but it makes a very practical material for humid and rainy climates. It can be the perfect choice for your coastal home, but it might not be a very good choice for those looking for energy efficient homes. This material is strong and durable too, so you can have that in mind when weighing your window material options.