Using Cars to Attract Women – Using That Hot Ride to Get a Hot Girl

First of all, I am not a car expert. I do think I am an expert on women though, and yes, having a stunning car is going to score you extra points with the women. It will not do it all by itself, nor is it necessary to get the girl. But escorting her out to a Lamborghini Miura is obviously going to resonate better than taking her out to a Ford Pinto. A car will help, but it does not make the man.

Do you need hot cars to attract women?

The answer is no! I do very well with the Çeşme Escort ladies and I drive a Subaru Legacy. There are important things about your car, though. It cannot be a broken down beater, you should have something that is, at least, a nice car. You have to show that you care for your car, I am not one of those guys whose cars are like their women, but I respect those guys. Your car should be spotlessly clean, washed and waxed. I do believe some women may equate the way you treat your car with the way you will treat them. The car is not the most important thing, but it certainly does not hurt to have any extra things in your corner.

What cars do actually attract women

If you really have the money to buy a car just to impress women, please, send me some! Anyhow, my opinion is that your car should reflect you. If you are a 40 year old business man who could afford the previously mentioned Lamborghini, I think you should pass on it. If you are a car nut who has always wanted one, it is different, you are getting it for yourself. But to attract women it should complement who you are. That 40 year old business man may be better served by a Mercedes, or if it must be sporty, an Aston Martin. A guy who loves surfing may be complemented by a Land Rover… you get the picture.