Three Commonly Ignored Aids For Bodybuilding Growth

Every bodybuilder knows the importance of macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fat. They understand the importance of supplements like glutamine, Mesobolin, and creatine. But many overlook the importance of simple micronutrients in the training, recovery, and growing processes. Here are three commonly ignored aids for bodybuilding growth:


Potassium has three key functions, which help bodybuilders. First, taking potassium (or a supplement including potassium) after training will cause water retention, which helps volumize the muscle group that has just been trained. Next, potassium assists in cleaner and more efficient muscle contraction. Potassium also reduces cramps. Finally, potassium contributes to muscle glycogen collection, a must for bodybuilding recovery and growth.

Vitamin C

1000 mg of Vitamin C directly after training will lower cortisol levels, which will contribute directly to growth. C is also a free radical, meaning it extends the anabolic “window” directly following training by fighting tissue inflammation.

Vitamin E

One muscle-building benefit SARMs Before And After Results of vitamin e (aside from its many anti-oxidant effects which benefit everyone) is that is assists muscles in uptaking glycogen collected in the blood. This means the muscles are able to grab more of what they need for growth – the fuel that connects the building blocks of protein – at just the right time.

Many bodybuilders give 100% in the gym, and then short-circuit their efforts afterwards by not providing their war-town (well, workout-torn) bodies with readily available supplements, which can make a huge difference in growth and recovery. Potassium and Vitamins C & E are but a few of the beneficial micronutrients which all intelligent bodybuilders should study, research, and apply to nutritional and supplemental regiments in order to garner the most results from training. If you wish to become a champion bodybuilder one day, then today is the day to begin learning about every possible advantage available at your fingertips to make the most bodybuilding progress in the least amount of time.