The EVE Online Trinity Client

EVE Online’s measured, steady success in the science fiction massively multiplayer online game market has been ongoing since 2003, with several updates in the intervening five (going on six) years. One of the most important of these updates is the EVE Online trinity client.

Eve Online is a massive game, with 5,000 solar systems and nearly a billion objects. CCP games is working with leading edge data base developers to keep the universe dynamic and interesting, and the EVE Online trinity client is one part of the process. Representing over 50 man-years of graphical updates, the EVE Online Trinity client updates and replaces the graphics for most ship classes, and jump gates, with future updates plugging into it that will update the graphics for planets, moons, nebulas and more.

The EVE Online trinity client also updates some elements of the user interface which have also needed some attention. Menus have been แทงบอลออนไลน์ rearranged in the EVE Online trinity client, making some things easier to find, though old hands have found that there’s a bit of a learning curve to figuring out where things used to be and where they are now.

No matter what you do with the EVE Online trinity client, expect a long download span; the download process has you download an installer that’s a couple of megabytes; the installer then downloads a couple of gigabytes of information for your local instantiation of all graphics in the EVE Online universe. The Trinity client is a huge improvement in the play nature of the EVE Online game, and adds a great deal to the replay value of the game. The enhanced graphics make the EVE Online trinity client truly stellar, a choice of words deliberately set to match the theme of the game.

Some things the EVE Online Trinity client now does that used to be the part of add on programs include some trade monitoring utilities, and lots of fixes for stability issues. The EVE Online trinity client has gone through three hot fixes since its release in November of 2007, mostly improving stability and working out lockup issues. If you’re just getting into this great, massively economic driven MMO, the EVE Online trinity client is absolutely the way to start.