Overtraining – A Bodybuilder’s Worst Enemy

If you work hard, you’ll succeed. It’s undeniable. It’s a simple fact of life. It applies to everything from school to work to bodybuilding.

Or does it? When it comes to bodybuilding, don’t be so quick to assume that working out as often and as long as possible will net you the biggest gains.

You see, bodybuilding is different from all other aspects of life in that regard: the longer your practice playing the piano, the better of a piano player you’ll be. The harder you study for that math test, the better you’ll do. For everything else in life, putting in many hours of hard work will return the greatest gains.

This simply isn’t the case for bodybuilding. In fact, working out too often sr 9009 for too long can actually be detrimental to your muscle gains! It’s called “overtraining”, and it’s a very common mistake for bodybuilders of all ages and skill levels.

The human body is programmed to adapt to stress placed upon it. For instance, if you run a marathon every day, your body will become very lean and adapted to long distance running. If you work outside in the blazing sun all day, your skin will darken its pigment so that it protects itself from further exposure to the hot sun. The same applies for muscles – the more stress you put on your muscles, the more they will adapt to this increased stress by growing larger and stronger.

BUT… and this is a very big “but”… your muscles can only adapt at a certain rate. They require adequate time for recovery between each workout. When you work out, you break down your muscle tissues, and they need time and nutrients in order to rebuild themselves bigger and stronger than before. The amount of time they need to recover varies by person, but is usually at least 5 days.

Here are some simple rules to live by to avoid overtraining: