Low Semen Production – Natural Herbal Remedies and Causes

Semen production is a life time activity in any healthy man; semen will continue being manufactured as long as possible; and will only he halted by health reasons. Low semen production is a term that refers to quantity of flow from the gonads at any one time. And it is this quantity that holds abundant spermatozoa to fertilize a woman, if not, then the quantity is low and cannot pass the test. It is one of those factors that inject men with the feeling of incompleteness; it is detrimental to any affair and very embarrassing.

The most glaring reason for low semen is infertility likewise to sperms. This stems from the fact that one has failed completely to make a woman pregnant. It may be an inherent matter from birth or propagated by the environment; it could be a health issue or disease that has let to the disruption of semen production.

One of the main causes of low semen production is age; evidence has showed that cell vitality wears out with time and it is not possible to permanently produce semen. Many men over the age of 60 have a fertility percentage of about 40%. Psychological problems have stepped up their barbs and often complicate the issue of fertility. Emotional stress, relationship breakdown and premature ejaculation are some of the thorny crises that stand above the rest. Stress interferes with the appropriate hormone testosterone which ends up tempering with semen production. Once in a while there is semen in the urine situation called retrograde ejaculation; and medical attention may be sorted.

Exposure of testicles to heat in bathrooms or saunas and hot tubs has a direct effect on semen survival. Semen is sensitive to temperature change and any fluctuation will render production difficult thus impairing fertility. Smoking has been known to reduce lifespan of sperms completely besides damaging the genes. The ingredients of cigarettes affect to a large extend the motility of sperms and most men who partake in it have been known to have low libido. The same happens to even those who take hard drugs cocaine and marijuana. Malnutrition or lack of nutrients that guide in development of semen, obesity and bicycling are known to physically cause retardation in production of semen. Bicycling exposes the regions between the scrotum and anus causing injury to the nerves in the region.

The environment has its own vagaries that if exposed for where to buy Semenax a long time will surely cut semen production. These are chemical pesticides, plastics, hydrocarbons, and others that camouflage in the name of additives and blenders. Those handling without protective gear are the most prone and are the ones that suffer a great deal. Most are absorbed via the skin while applying in the fields.

To alleviate the effects of the above factors manufacturers have come up with two types of herbal products semenax and volume pills to counter the shortfall. Volume pills drug is made up of 13 different natural compounds, while semenax has only 8. Backed up by research and certified tests, the herbal products deliver the volume of semen required and beyond. Both are known to triple the power of orgasm becoming the men’s best friend.