Football Training – Shape Up With These Conditioning Drills

Football teams that are in shape will feel more confident and better prepared on the field, which will lead to more success throughout the season. The following football training drills were designed as gut busters for all players and can turn any team into an unbeatable force. While not fun, they are challenging and ultimately very rewarding.

Indian Relays

This football training drill can be run with the whole team together or divided into two groups. Have players form a single file line and jog laps around the field or track. The coach oversees and blows the whistle to signal for the last player in line to sprint to the front of the line, assume the first position in line, and resume jogging. The coach will continue signaling for the last player to move to the front of the line until all the players have cycled through. Aim for a ten to fifteen minute jog the first time around and then increase as necessary.

Speed Run

For this conditioning drill, you will need a steep decline for players to run down. Ideally, players will start at the top of a long, fairly steep hill. At the whistle, players will run down the hill as fast as they can without losing control. This drill will increase pick-up speed by training players to run faster than they would be used to on a flat surface. Once they reach the bottom of the hill, have them walk back up and run down again. Repeat three to five times, depending on the length of the hill.

Terrible 20s

For the Terrible 20s training drill, divide the team into two groups and position them at either goal line. The first group will www.ufabet complete twenty push-ups before sprinting down the field to the other goal line. Meanwhile, the second group will be performing twenty sit-ups before sprinting to the opposite goal line. Once they reach the opposite side of the field, the groups will alternate tasks and perform nineteen push-ups or sit-ups before sprinting back to the other side. The groups will continue sprinting the one hundred yards and repeating the exercises until they count down to zero.


For this football drill, divide the team into two groups and have them line up at opposite corners across the field from each other. At the whistle, both groups will sprint down the sidelines to the other end zone. Once they reach the goal line, players will quickly walk to the opposite side. At that point, they will once again sprint the one hundred yards down the field. Then, move players infield to run seventy-yard sprints and walk across the field. Repeat, and then have them move infield to run two fifties, two forties, two twenties, and two tens. The short sprints are good for improving quick acceleration.