Do Corporate Gifts Really Pay Off for the Small Business?

The idea of giving out freebies to potential clients or visitors to an office has been around for quite some time. The idea of wooing big clients or partners with more extravagant gifts of goodwill has been around even longer. Corporate gift giving seems to be woven into the fabric of the business world, but those who are struggling to keep the computer screens lit and the phones ringing may wonder from time to time whether the money they spend on corporate gifts is really well spent.

Does corporate gift giving really pay off in the end? The answer for most businesses is that it does, but all of these conditions have to be met:

1. The gift must be well chosen for the intended recipient.
2. The price must be appropriate to the gift purchased.
3. Some thought must be put into who receives the gift and when.

Corporate gift giving isn’t always a matter of coming out with a huge box ofcorporate gifts bulk t-shirts and spreading them around to anyone who happens to walk by. Some big companies may still give out corporate gifts in that manner because they get very affordable prices by buying huge lots of their gifts. Smaller companies may scale down their bulk orders and take a more cautious approach to their gift giving.

A smaller company on a limited budget for corporate gifts will probably be better of giving higher quality gifts to more select recipients. Higher quality here doesn’t mean super expensive. Companies ordering in bulk can get great gifts for just a few bucks a piece and there are even some fun gifts that can be found for a buck a piece with some corporate gift distributors.

If the budget is tight, it makes more sense to do away with the corporate gifts that are typically just handed out at random like candy and invest that budget in items that will really leave a lasting impression with a recipient. These gifts should then make it into the hands of people who are really considering doing business with the company or perhaps new customers who will hopefully love the experience so much they come back for repeat business or give personal referrals.