Cookie Dough Fundraisers Can Help You Raise Some Dough

Cookie dough fundraisers have been a fundraising mainstay in schools, clubs, and organizations for some time and growing more popular by the day because people love fresh-baked cookies! Americans consume over 24 billion cookies per year.

These types of fundraisers generally involve selling (usually pre-selling) boxes, tubs, or large tubes of cookie dough that can be frozen for future use by the consumer.

Cookie dough fundraisers can be a fun, easy way to raise money and be highly profitable!
They are perfect for any organization or club including cheerleaders, marching bands, sports teams and leagues, schools, youth groups, and churches to name a few.

The participating organization normally takes advance orders or pre-buys a specific number of boxes and then sells the dough to friends, relatives, parents, and the public–essentially, anyone willing to buy.

The cookie dough boxes or tubes are sold using simple order forms provided by the fundraising supplier which takes the burden off of the organization. The frozen dough is normally packed in containers and there are usually several different varieties available. Some suppliers offer up to eleven different recipes!

Executing the cookie dough fundraiser simply involves your sales team members (participants, parents, volunteers, and anyone else who will be helping with your campaign) showing the brochures to potential customers, taking down their orders, and then collecting payment upfront. On the specified day, all of the orders are collected from the sales team members and then submitted with your payment to your cookie dough supplier. Your order arrives within a few weeks and will be ready to be delivered to your paying customers.

Potential Income associated with cookie dough fundraisers

Fundraising with cookie dough typically requires little or no out-of-pocket expenses and often you are able to keep the profit right away. Typical profits on cookie dough sales range from 30-55 percent. Cookie dough suppliers usually recommend that you have at least 30-50 dough sellers for the fundraising effort to be successful.